Dear friends,

This year the children’s space will be a part of the main programme – there will be some workshops and lots more.

More and more people want to have their little ones with them and the numbers this year have grown dramatically. Kids should also have a good time and many experiences at the congress. The children’s space will accordingly create a pleasant environment where both little and large can feel good, play and chill. But there won’t be anyone to look after the kids, all parents will look after their children themselves.

We are seeking more helping hands for the play space.

Who knows the best soap bubble recipe? Who can do conjuring tricks or clowning? Who has ideas and would be prepared to do a workshop for kids. Instrument carousel? Disco? Can someone bring helium? Everything is possible: guided phantasy, movement games, cooking, story telling, handicrafts.

We also need people to take on shifts looking after the children’s space – e.g. building and tidying. Please bring any books you may be finished with, paints and crayons and balloons. There are certainly enough toys.

The children’s space looks forward to your ideas and a multi-coloured time.

Contact the children’s space – kongress / at /

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