The 9th world congress of the Hedonist International will take place from June 6th – June 11th 2019. We are looking forward to your colourful, subversive and adventurous ideas. Your lectures, workshops and inspiring activism will be very welcome!

The World Congress is seeking lectures and workshops dealing with the three themes of the congress: protest, party and activism – and especially:

  • Culture Jamming and Media guerrilla lectures and workshops of all kinds.
  • International activists who wish to spread information about political struggles in their countries.
  • Lectures and workshops about the theory, practice and history of hedonism.
  • Lectures and workshops about social struggles in theory and practice.
  • Lectures and workshops dealing with exciting scientific and technological topics.
  • Contributions aimed at making our world more diverse and combatting discrimination.
  • Theoretical and practical ideas on civil disobedience.
  • Contributions about right-wing populism and the rising far right politics
  • Contributions about the jilets jaunes protests in France
  • Contributions about climate protests worldwide
  • Contributions concerning Turkey, Hungary, Poland, USA
  • Attractions like the glitter bus, peep show or the freak-o-mat – a ski jump simulator or a climbing park.
  • Many heat resistant lecturers for the lightening sauna talks (100° C, ten minutes and one infusion).


Call for Participation will ended May 3rd.