The World Congress of the Hedonist International isn’t based on long-term preparation. It will be born out of the spirit of do-it-yourself, the creativeness and the ideas of the participating people – like you!

Everyone who will be attending the congress will act as a host as well. Everyone will share responsibility for a colorful, informative, peaceful and joyful event – because that’s the way will have fun together.

No one will make money at or with the congress. Whoever wants to help, please feel free to contact any of us or just give a hand when you notice it is necessary. You can announce your help in advance or just come along spontaneously. There will be plenty of things to do.

There will be a cultural program as well, with cinema, theater, concerts and other things we yet don’t know anything about. As you may guess from the postings above: the cultural program is open to your ideas and support as well!