Are you a fire eater, a mime artist, a snake charmer, a break dancer, a poetry slammer or an acrobat? Then come by and perform for us!

Join the cooks

Again this year we plan the concept of the help-out communal kitchen. Cooking together, chopping, peeling, washing up and fun is the principle. Drop by the kitchen and join in.

Preparation and dismantling

You want to help before, during or after the congress? You will be able to find out where help is needed at the venue. Check the ‘Infopunkt’. We will be very grateful!


Do you want to give a lecture at the congress? Lead a workshop? Or you have an idea for a panel discussion? Do you know exciting speakers or people who have something to say?

Then send us a mail to ‘kongress(at)hedonist-international(dot)org

…or just do your thing spontaneously at the congress.

2 thoughts on “Participate!

  1. hallo, i’m adi, a friend of caterina panesi which going to play at the festival.
    i wanted to ask if you would need any help before, during or after the congress? i will be happy to come and halp, i will be free from the 26th may.
    thank’s and all best,
    adi dulza

    *also.. i’m a visual artist, so if you need any workshops, it will be very easy to do.
    *adding my website

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