There will be plenty of grassland and trees, but we will have rain-safe spaces as well.

You can camp directly at the site or on a meadow nearby. We will build up a children’s space for families. Basic infrastructure like showers, toilets and electricity (at some points of the site!) will be provided.

Children’s space
We want to make sure that the small ones will enjoy the congress, too. We will have swings, sand playgrounds, make-up for kids, and a children’s cinema. Of course, you can bring any kind of toys or ideas for plays and everything that is fun for kids.

The Cinema will be supported by KinoTastik who run a solar and wind energy driven cinema.

We will provide catering for a limited number of meals. Please bring your own food if possible! Cool and hot drinks will be available in sufficient quantity and for fair and low prices.

Entrance fee
The World Congress of the Hedonist International is a non-commercial event. No one will make any money with it, but we have to cover the costs! That’s why we have to take a little charge.

Material help
If you know anyone who rents dixie toilets for free or for little money, if you have big kitchen pots, a projector, a spot light, a generator or some hundred meters of high-power cable or of water tubes available, please write us! We need every kind of material that helps us to build up a beautiful and comfortable congress site.

The same for technical assistance: it doesn’t matter if you are a good worker, a decorator or a carpenter, or if you are just able to look smart while you watch other people working: The congress needs you, and your head and hands!

kongress [at] hedonist-international [dot] org