As always, the location will only be sent to the participants by email with the ticket dispatch shortly before the start of the congress. If you are coming from further away, it is best to first orientate yourself towards Berlin when booking train journeys and the like. The congress can be reached from Berlin within about 1.5 hours. Please do not ask for the location beforehand and keep it confidential if you know it. The congress could have sold considerably more tickets and wants to use this strategy to prevent people from arriving “on the off chance” without a ticket and then having to be sent back. There is no tickets at the box office.

Arrival by train & shuttle

The congress is well connected by train and can be reached from Berlin and other directions. The Congress will arrange a bus shuttle from the train station to the Congress and back. Shuttles will shuttle the following days and times:

Wed 25.5. – 12pm-2pm
Thu 26.5. – 10-18
Fri 27.5. – 15-23
Sun 29.5. – 14-22
Tue 31.5. – 14-22

The shuttle is subsidised by the congress through the “Andi Scheuer toll”, but still needs a small donation from you to cover its costs. At peak times (e.g. on Wednesday afternoon/evening and possibly also on Friday evening) there may be waiting times at the station. If you want to avoid this, it is best to take a bicycle with you. From the station it is less than 10 kilometres to the congress by bike.

Arrival by caravan & carpooling

Arrival by car is not possible this year due to lack of parking space and for climate policy reasons. Bullis, motorhomes and caravans that have paid the Andi-Scheuer toll are exempt from this regulation. Please make your camper van rides available for others at the Ride Share, look through the requests and fill up the carts.

Attention: Arrival by car is not possible

Arrival by car is not planned this year, except for people with physical disabilities. If you still want to come by car, you have to be prepared to look for a parking space many kilometres away and to pay for it if necessary. There are really no parking spaces nearby and the congress may turn you away already at the access road. Please use the train & shuttle or the Ride Share. Individual travel by car is a hassle for everyone this year.