The Congress will be segmented in three topics named Protest, Party, and Action.


The topic „Protest“ will contain theoretical debates as well as discussions about actual political and social conflicts. We want to talk about conditions of life and work we want to achieve and social conditions we want to overcome. This could be rather scientific topics like Predictive Behavioral Targeting, critique of ideology, religion or capitalist economy. You can discuss political concepts as the general basic income or the guarantee of access to public goods as transport, or housing. It could be the critics of lookism, sexism, or gentrification. Maybe you will like to discuss copyright problems, digital rights movement, or censorship. Last but not least, we hope to gather some interesting information about social movements all over the world that hedonists should know something about.

We are open to any subject that you might be interested in. The topic „Protest“ aims at fruitful and discussion beyond people who are politically active and interested in any kind of knowledge that will enable us to build the world that we want to live in. Political groups will be invited to tell us about their struggles and their concepts.

The lineup of strategical topics will be of similar manifoldness. It copes with questions as “How to politicize common party people?” or “What could Hedonist alliances look like?”. Is there something like a Hedonist agenda? How do we deal with social disparity? What is our concept of revolution, and do we even have one? Is Hedonism a political philosophy and, if yes, what does that mean? 


Obviously, this topic will address – ‘Party’! It will contain workshops and discussions on underground and commercializing, making music and killing music, on reclaiming public space, on repression, drug politics, and safer use, and about all the technical stuff like PA, lights, and decoration.



Under the topic ‘Action’, we have subsumed practical issues. We want to find and offer solutions to all the problems that arise when you start to act. Creative techniques of protest and demonstration, the arts of adbusting and spreading information alternatively, building pirate radios or mobile sound systems – we want to try new forms of action and promote successful old ones. We will share our experiences and maybe, some spontaneous actions will be the outcome of the work in this topic. Plus, ‘Action’ will contain workshops on, for example, guerrilla gardening, yoga practice, and good recipes when you have to cook for many. After all, we do want to have a little bit of fun as well!