Important change: Congress will have to start May 26

Dear friends,

With deep regret we need to inform you about changes to the planning of the World Congress. We overlooked a condition related to the venue which requires us to reduce drastically the number of participants present before the 26th of May. We must comply with this in order to use the planned location for the congress.

Accordingly the World Congress will have to start from 26th of May. Only preparation for the congress can take place beforehand.

Some of you had planned to come earlier. That is great because the World Congress thrives on that spirit and so it is even more unpleasant to have to revise the planning in this way. However, we want to respect the wishes of our hosts at the venue. Please help us with this!

Despite this, the do-it-yourself concept (help more personally and more action) naturally remains. As in previous years there will still be a lot to do and many possible ways of helping out. The helpers lists will remain active and will be used to inform you about tasks for which help is needed in advance as well as during the congress.

In case these changes dramatically affect your plans, you can naturally return your ticket. To do so, please send us a mail to with your booking ID and your bank account details. Should you want to attend and feel you have paid too much, we are prepared to refund you €5 on your arrival.

We are looking forward to rocking the congress with you all!

If you have any questions, write to us at

See you soon and lots of love,

Call for Action!

The 7th world congress of the Hedonist International will take place from May 26th to May 31st 2016. We are looking forward to your colourful, subversive and adventurous ideas. Your lectures, workshops and inspiring activism will be very welcome!

This call for action/participation is open until April 17th 2016. Please read these instructions carefully.

The procedure – how to apply/participate:

Firstly, you must create an account and enter all the necessary information including your contact details and availability. If you have previously given a presentation at the world congress, you might already have an account. To use an existing account, just enter your e-mail address and press ‘forgot password’ to proceed.

Once you have an account you are ready to submit your proposal. We ask you to provide a detailed and easily understandable description of your planned contribution. Ideally, the text should be suitable for the official programme. The standard duration of a slot for talks is 45 + 10 minutes for discussion (one hour in total). It may be possible to make workshops longer but many shorter contributions add a greater variety to the Programme. The major part of the programme will take place from 26th until 29th May.

All proposals will be reviewed by the programme AG. They strive to create a varied, gender neutral, exciting and rebellious schedule. In recent years most of the planned workshop and lecture slots were filled by requests from the world congress itself. This will remain so – the programme slots are not unlimited.

We are seeking lectures and workshops dealing with the three themes of the congress: protest, party and activism.


  • Culture Jamming and Media guerrilla lectures and workshops of all kinds.
  • International activists who wish to spread information about political struggles in their countries.
  • Lectures and workshops about the theory, practice and history of hedonism.
  • Lectures and workshops about social struggles in theory and practice.
  • Lectures and workshops dealing with exciting scientific and technological topics.
  • Contributions aimed at making our world more diverse and combatting discrimination.
  • Theoretical and practical ideas on civil disobedience.
  • Attractions like the glitter bus or the freak-o-mat – a ski jump simulator or a climbing park.
  • Many heat resistant lecturers for the lightening sauna talks (100° C, ten minutes and one infusion).

The programme AG will contact you when the call for action is concluded and inform you how to proceed.

Good to know:

Should your proposed lecture or workshop not be accepted buy the programme AG, the reason might be that there are already too many offerings long the same lines. Please don’t be upset by rejection. There is always the possibility of spontaneous contributions not included in the official programme at the congress.

The world congress is based on the idea of general cooperation. No-one earns any money and no fees are paid. Lecturers and artists are participants as well. A contribution here does not mean that you do not have to buy a normal ticket. In case your lecture or workshops incurs material or other costs, please write this in your application. Some costs may be covered by the congress.

So now go for it!