Welcome to the pre-sale for the 10th World Congress of the Hedonist International!

The World Congress is pleased to announce that we are all finally coming together again at the end of May after a three-year break. Preparations are underway, programmes are being booked, planning, building, collecting and lots of lovely ideas are being spun. You can still submit your own programme items until 10 April – and then it will go very quickly until everything is green and in bloom.

Please read this text carefully, because a few things have changed this year. What hasn’t changed, of course, is the basic concept of the Congress, which we all love.

Basic info

  • Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 6 April at 8pm at tickets.hedonist-international.org. Be as punctual as you usually are and get there at least 10 minutes early.
  • Everything has become more expensive. The price, which just about covers the costs, is 105 euros this year. If you can: Please buy tickets above this standard price, because this is the only way that the World Congress can offer cheaper tickets to people who have less money. This is redistribution, self-made!
  • The tickets will probably be gone in a few minutes. If you don’t get a ticket, use the waiting list function so that if there is a change in capacity or if there are returns, you will still be able to get a ticket.
  • You can order a maximum of 2 tickets.
    Children under 18 accompanied by a parent are admitted free of charge.
  • There is no space for cars on the grounds or in the vicinity. Therefore, there is no provision for car access. The exception is motorhomes, which pay a 20 euro “Andi Scheuer memorial toll” this year. This. goes completely into subsidising shuttles and cheaper bus tickets.
  • Access only with 2G (vaccinated or recovered)

The entrance fee

This year’s entrance fee has unfortunately risen massively. The prices of all the offers we received – from Dixi Toilets to technical rentals – have exploded. In addition, this year’s site is a bit smaller and therefore fewer people can come. Because the planned site has not yet been developed and we have to create and rent basic infrastructure such as electricity, water and sewage, pipes and lighting, partly on a temporary basis, there will be additional costs for the Congress. Moreover, there has been no World Congress for three years. Running costs such as warehouse rent must now be covered. The storage rent alone leads to an increase of about 7-8 euros per ticket. All this is not nice, but the price has to cover all costs and must not become a financial risk for the World Congress. We have added up all the budgets and divided them by the number of tickets. The basic price, which just about covers the costs, is 105 euros this year. This is the price for the standard ticket.

Despite this increase, it is important that all those who can, buy the more expensive Solidarity tickets. In this way, we cover together in solidarity the discounted tickets for people who do not have so much money. Of course, the Congress does not check needs or wallets, but trusts that everyone will contribute what they can.

Of course, the price increase does not change the basic principles. As always, no one makes money with or at the World Congress. Even people who have been preparing the World Congress for months pay their ticket. And of course, as always, the surplus is donated: In recent years, thousands of euros have gone to sea rescue, refugee initiatives, protests of all kinds and numerous other political and social projects.

Why is it not possible to travel by car? And what’s with the toll?

Due to the extreme lack of parking space on the new site and because the congress does not want to be a climate pig, no cars can park on or near the site this year. Exceptions are motorhomes and vans in which people are clearly sleeping and vehicles of people with physical disabilities.

In order for the Congress to support travel by bus, train and shuttle, there is now the “eco tax”. Every motorhome that wants to come to the site will pay 20 euros Andi-Scheuer-Memorial-Toll. (Andi Scheuer was the last conservative minister of transportation who failed in nearly everything). ┬áThese 20 euros will be put entirely into subsidising shuttles to the nearest train station and/or subsidising coaches to make environmentally friendly travel cheaper and more convenient. Quasi a fuel rebate, only the right way round and sensible.

The communal journey will be as easy as possible for everyone: As every year, there will be several buses from Berlin to the site and back. In addition, the site can be reached by train and bicycle. The World Congress is also trying to set up shuttles to the nearest train station. So that the crate of beer or you yourself can come along in campers, there will be a carpooling service again this year. Please fill up your caravans to make it worthwhile!

But please don’t come in cars – there is simply too little parking space on the grounds and no public car park nearby and this form of invidual travel causes stress for all sides. Let’s rather show together that we can organise a world congress where getting there does not blow more CO2 into the atmosphere than the whole event!

Participation only possible with 2G proof (vaccinated or recovered)

The corrosive pandemic is still here, leading to changes at the 2022 World Congress. This year’s sites dictates that we apply the 2G rule. There is nothing to shake about this condition and the World Congress stands by this agreement.

In concrete terms, this means that only people who have been vaccinated or have recovered will be able to attend the World Congress. The World Congress will have to check the validity of the certificates at the entrance. People under the age of 18 are exempt. Please do not buy tickets if you are not vaccinated or recovered. The further hygiene rules for the World Congress have not yet been determined, but will be adapted to the pandemic situation – and communicated before the Congress.


Arrival and the final touches of the joint set-up are scheduled for 25 May. From 26-29 May, the content-related congress programme will take place with workshops, lectures, concerts, films, performances and all the things that nobody knows about yet because they arise spontaneously. On Monday 30 May there will be a small dance workshop. On 31 May we will dismantle together.