The Hedonist International was founded in 2006, in order to try and field test politics. It centers action, which can mean a nude group visiting overpriced flats, or demonstrations for freedom and human rights, or doing gramophone concerts in Swiss homes for the elderly. The Hedonist International isn’t an organization, but an idea. We invite everyone to play with and experiment this idea, which is outlined in a hedonist manifesto. This manifesto is available in many languages and gives you the conceptual framework for hedonist action. Up to now, we count about 60 sections – no one can say exactly how many there are – in different countries which have joined the idea and have begun to combine politics with fun in their own way.

The Hedonist International’s  World Congress 2022 will take place from May 25-31. It will bring together people from all over the world who are interested in hedonism, to promote their networking and to open new perspectives for resistance. We will discuss theoretical concepts, try new forms of action, talk about social conflicts and about alternative methods of political intervention. And we will dance as well.

Congress program is planned along the 3 topics Protest, Party, and Action. It is foreseen that contributions, panels, and workshops will be added spontaneously. If you want to contribute something to the congress send mail to kongress [ett] hedonist-international [punkt] org or just come along with your idea and realize it on-site!

The Congress, as the whole Hedonist International, lives on do-it-yourself, get-into-the-act, and active participation. More on this: see Idea.